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Explanation of Achievement Level Grading

The following table provides a summary description of achievement in each percentage grade range and corresponding level of achievement that will be used in assessing assignments and test given in this course. Whenever possible, a detailed rubric will be included in assignment material to ensure that students are aware of the specific goals they are required to reach. Any confusion about the individual standards should be discussed with Mr. Dempsey personally.

Percentage Grade Range Achievement Level Summary Description

80–100% Level 4 A very high to outstanding level of achievement. Achievement is above the provincial standard.

70–79% Level 3 A high level of achievement. Achievement is at the provincial standard.

60–69% Level 2 A moderate level of achievement. Achievement is below, but approaching, the provincial standard.

50–59% Level 1 A passable level of achievement. Achievement is below the provincial standard.

Below 50% Insufficient achievement of curriculum expectations. A credit will not be granted.


Level 3 (70–79%) is the provincial standard. Teachers and parents can be confident that students who are achieving at level 3 are well prepared for work in the next grade or the next course.

It should be noted that an evaluation of achievement in the 80–100% range (level 4) does not suggest that the student is achieving expectations beyond those specified for the course, but rather that he or she demonstrates a very high to outstanding level of achievement of the specified expectations, and a greater command of the requisite knowledge and skills than a student achieving in the 70–79% range (level 3). A student whose achievement is below 50% at the end of the course will not obtain a credit for the course.


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