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Classroom Policies

Skipping - Classes missed without a legitimate reason are considered skipped classes and will result in the appropriate consequences including contacting parents and receiving a grade of zero for any course work from the missed period.

Lates - Students who arrive late to class will be given a one-time reprieve. Any subsequent lates will result in detentions and contacting of parents.

Incomplete Homework - Any homework assignments not completed on time will result in the student receiving a grade of zero on the assessment.

Cell Phones & Pagers - Cell phones and pagers are not permitted in the classroom at any time. Cell phones found in class will be confiscated until a time in which a parent or guardian can arrange to pick up the cell phone.

Plagiarism - Any student found having practiced plagiarism on any assignment throughout the year will automatically receive a grade of zero on the assignment and may be subject to further disciplinary actions. Refer to page 15 of the Colonel By Student/Parent Handbook for further information.

Assignments/Tests Missed Due to Absence - All deadlines for assignments are set well in advance of the date they are to be submitted and are clearly expressed to students and parents via this website. Students are expected to make appropriate arrangements if they are aware of upcoming absences from class. Unexpected absences are an inevitability. In the case of an unexpected absence, students are expected to contact Mr. Dempsey as soon as possible to submit any late assignments and to collect any new work they may have missed.

Students are given the opportunity to submit course work up until the date that Mr. Dempsey returns graded assignments to those students who submitted their work on the assigned due date. After those assignments have been returned, no further late assignments can be submitted for grading. Those students who do not submit an assignment will receive a grade of zero for those assignments.


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