"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained." ~ Walt Disney

Mission Statement

The Colonel By Secondary School Library is committed to providing access for students and teachers to current information from print and electronic sources. The library staff members play an important role in supporting the curriculum and teaching information retrieval and evaluation skills. We provide a quiet, supportive environment for studying, researching and reading.

Library Policies

Circulation Policy

When borrowing items, we request that students show their student ID card at check-out. Books and back issues of magazines can be borrowed for two weeks by students and four weeks by teachers. IB support materials may be loaned out on an overnight basis. Reference encyclopedias are for in-library use only. At times we will restrict other loans to overnight or in-library use if the materials need to be shared by many students; this ensures that the resources can be accessed by a greater number of students. Since we charge fines on overdue materials at $0.25 per day, we ask that you return your books on time or see the librarian to renew your loans.

Computer Use Policy

Colonel By Library has a computer lab with 25 computers for classes to use. We also have six additional computers that individual students can access at their convenience. At lunch from 12:05 to 12:25, we are usually able to open the lab for students' use. All computers have access to the library printer and we charge $0.10 per page to print. Students are not allowed to use these computers to access their e-mail accounts (except to print homework which they have sent to themselves), nor are they allowed to download music or play computer games. It is our intention that these computers be used for research and school-related assignments only.

Collection Development Policy


The collection offers information on diverse areas of knowledge and is intended for use by secondary school students and their teachers.


The purpose of the collection development policy is to provide guidelines for building and maintaining the library's information resources to meet the information needs of the students and teachers.

Selection Responsibility:

The teacher-librarian is responsible for building the collection. Teacher involvement is always appreciated. Students are also encouraged to recommend books that they feel would be enjoyed by other students.

Selection Criteria:
  • Accuracy and Quality - These are determined by the status of the author or publisher.
  • Languages - English is the primary language, but some French materials are also collected.
  • Date of Publication - Current imprints are emphasized.
  • Duplication of Material - Heavily used titles may be duplicated.
  • Subject Matter - The material must be relevant to the needs of the patrons.
  • Types of Materials - The collection consists of monographs, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic resources.
Gifts and Donations:

The Colonel By Library appreciates donations. These donations are a valuable source of resources. The Library accepts all items which are within the scope of its collection, but reserves the right to discard items which are not needed. Each item is checked against our holdings and, when appropriate, is added to the collection. Donors are asked to transport the gifts to the library themselves, since we have no way to pick them up. As a rule, no evaluation for tax purposes will be provided.

Weeding and Collection Maintenance:

The book reviewing process will consider the following criteria:

  • Subject matter
  • Age
  • Physical condition
  • Usage
  • Duplicate coverage

Only the latest edition will be retained. The serial reviewing process will also consider alternative formats and indexing availability. The audio-visual material reviewing process will also consider format. The electronic resource reviewing process will also consider alternative sources (such as the public library) and compatibility with available hardware.

Resources at Other Libraries:

Inter-library loans are currently not available. The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) has comprehensive resources and we encourage its use as a compliment to our collection. Students should have a valid OPL borrower's card (they are free). Grade 12 IB students may request permission to borrow books from Carleton University Library. Any student age 16 or older may request a “Smart Card” through the OPL to access other Ottawa area libraries.

We do sell some stationary items for the students' convenience:

Transparent notebook, duotang0.50
Mechanical pencil0.50
Bristol board1.00
Binding with front and back covers3.00