Student activities and Clubs

Student Council Colonel By's Student Council has a long history of being incredibly active in helping create the tremendous school spirit and sense of community that exists at Colonel By. From school dances to spirit weeks, from assemblies to charitable fundraisers, from setting a Guiness World Record for CHEO to raising awareness about bullying, from Leadership Camps to Games Weeks, Colonel By's Student Council has always been the voice of the student body. The elected members of council include the following positions: 2 Co-Presidents, 2 Spirit Co-ordinators, Public Affairs Officer, Treasurer, Student Trustee, Secretary, and 8 Grade Representatives (2 per grade). Please visit the Student Council Calendar to see our amazing upcoming events.


Colonel By offers a myriad of Clubs providing students an opportunity to be actively involved beyond the classroom. Check CougarVision and the School Calendar for the latest announcements on upcoming club meetings and events.

Student Council - Student Council involves elected representatives from each grade who organize events such as spirit weeks, dances, leadership camps, and much more.
Open Eyes - International Development Club that supports and sponsors various children’s groups around the world including the Basotho Girls Leadership Corp in Lesotho. Club also hosts and attends various conferences across North America and organizes and runs annual fundraisers including the Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti Dinner, and Street Hockey Tournament.
S.A.F.E -“Students Advocating For Equality”
Athletic Association - A.A. runs school-spirited pep rallies, intramural tournaments, and physical activities, such as Sports/Activity Day and Indy 500
C-Flats - Colonel By’s international award-winning vocal jazz ensemble.
Dance Club - Dance Club is CB’s own hip hop group. You can learn cool dance moves!
F.R.O.G.G. - CB’s environmental club, “Friends Reaching Out for a Greener Growth”
Reach for the Top - A club designed to challenge individuals to test the limits of their knowledge. Practice trivia questions and “reach for the top”!
Politics and Philosophy - Do you care about issues that drive today’s world? Come and debate ethical subjects and see where they lie on the political compass!
Ici On Parle Français - This club offers an opportunity for students of all grades to practice their French speaking skills in an interactive environment.
Spanish Club - Spanish club provides a great learning environment on the language and culture.
Library Club - An excellent opportunity for volunteer hours, students can help sort the library.
Debate Club - Yes. No. What’s the answer? Join Debate Club to debate amongst students!
Math Club - Math Club challenges students to solve tough mathematical problems.

Radio Club - The community radio club that allows students to broadcast in the mornings.
S.L.A.V. - The students to handle all sound, lights, audio, and visual effects at school events.
Startline - CB’s Christian Youth Club is a place to help apply the Christian faith to the school.
Empty Bowls - Empty Bowls is an after school club which sells beautiful student-made clay bowls.
Sculpture Club - An after school club where you can express your creativity through pottery.
Concert Band - The Concert Band is designed to teach students how to play music in a large group.
Jazz Band - These talented musicians explore everything from smooth jazz to rock classic.
Anime Club - Anime Club provides an environment of the latest and greatest Japanese animation.
Arts Council - A talented group of students who promote the arts in Colonel By
United Cultures Club - A group of students who promote cultural awareness at event like the UCC Gala.
Chess Club - Join Chess Club for casual and friendly matches of the strategic game of chess.
Robotics Club - Build robots!

Amnesty International - This club is dedicated to increasing global awareness
Writers Club - An after school club where you can write and critique poems, stories, and more!
Chemistry Club - Get help from senior science students, watch amazing chemistry demonstrations.