IDC4U - New Media and Journalism

Course Overview
Room: 242

Texts: Introduction to Online Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing for New Media

Software: Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, AuditionThe class will create and maintain an online magazine consisting of articles, photos, video, podcasts, and blogs. Issues will include school, local, national, and global issues.

The combined power of pictures, graphics, audio, text, and interactivity available to millions of people online is the most significant change in mass communications since television.*

Each day more than 96 million North Americans obtain their news from the internet surpassing television and radio as the major source of information for individuals.

IDC 4U - Journalism and New Media, provides students with an in-depth look at this recent phenomenon through the study of all aspects of new media including on-line journalism, reporting for the web, gathering digital data, digital photography, digital video, on-line intellectual property, and future trends and careers in the field.

In addition students will obtain a variety of New Media/Journalism skills through a wealth of exciting practical work including, photography, reporting, writing, interviewing, conducting live interviews with subjects around the world through videoconferencing as part of our Virtual Classroom Initiative, and all facets of broadcast journalism in the creation of video news stories.

*IDC4U is an interdisciplinary course with the prerequisites of ENG 3U, and a Grade 11 Technology course.

*De Wolk

will phee film festival

Held in early June each year the Will Phee Fim Festival is an opportunity for Colonel By's student film makers to display their talents. The festival includes entries in a variety of genres


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