Questions on Kuhn

1. What is the name of Kuhn's famous book and what was the year it was published?

2. Why did Kuhn develop his philosophy of science?

3. What is a paradigm?

4. Explain the following quote, "The existence of a paradigm capable of supporting a normal science tradition is the characteristic that distinguishes science from non-science, according to Kuhn."

5. What is the difference between 'normal science' and 'pre-science'?

6. How does Kuhn use Wittgenstein?

7. Explain the revolutionary nature of science. Use the words, 'anomaly' and 'pronounced professional insecurity'.

8. Are there compelling reasons for one scientist to switch paradigms during a period of crisis-revolution? Use the word 'incommensurable' in your answer.

9. According to Kuhn, should normal science function under one strongly established paradigm? Explain.