Questions on Popper

1. Who was one of the first people to lay down the notion of induction as being the criteria for science?

2. Re-write this statement (from the article): 'And it cannot be established by logical argument, since from the fact that all past futures have resembled past pasts it does not follow that all future futures will resemble future pasts.'

3. What was uniquely embarrassing to scientists in Bertrand Russell's day?

4. Put this sentence from the article in your OWN words. 'So although Popper is what might be called a naive falsificationist at the level of logic he is a highly critical falsificationist at the level of methodology.'

5.For Popper, how does knowledge advance?

6. What do you think of Xenophanes' poem?

7. What was Popper's strongest example supporting falsification?

8. Think of two barriers which exist in our country preventing it from being Popper's 'open' society.