Ethics Review Sheet

1. What is utilitarianism? Summarize it in one sentence. What rules did Bentham and Mill use when evaluating ethical situations? What are some criticisms of utilitarianism? What is diminishing marginal utility?

2. What did David Hume have to say about ethics? Know the questions from the article. Explain his three important feelings.

3. What is Kant's categorical imperative? What are the underlying ideas behind Kantian ethics? Explain deontological vs consequential.

4. In the Sinbad the Sailor story, who did/do you label most reprehensible? Why? Have you changed your mind?

5. What is ethical egoism? What is psychological egoism? Know the questions from the article on egoism. What does Adam Smith have to say about economic egoism? What does Ayn Rand think?

6. Explain the biological basis of ethics as proposed by E. O. Wilson. What other 'unethical' behaviours do you feel may have a biological base? Does this 'excuse' this unethical behaviour?

7. Why does Contractualism play a role in many lives? What do Hobbes and Rousseau and Locke have to say about the social contract?

8. Think about your ethics. How do you know which ethical system to apply to which decision?

9. John Rawls can up with the idea of 'Justice as Fairness'. What are the basic principles? What is overlapping consensus? Whose ethical theory does this fit with?

10. How is X-phi related to trolley-ology? Is it possible to turn philosophy into an experimental subject? Know the answers to the questions from the article.

11. How does Aristotle's character ethics influence ethical decisions? Explain his suggestion that a virtue is the mean of two vices? What are cultural relativism and ethical objectivism?

Politics Review Sheet

12. What does Plato think is the best political system? What is a Philosopher King? What is The Republic?

13. Dworkin argues for a conception of distributive justice, liberal equality, where distribution is ambition sensitive, but endowment insensitive. What does this mean?

14. What do libertarians think the role of government is? Look at Nozick's libertarian views of justice. What does his think about distributive justice? What does he prefer? What does Gauthier think? What is rational bargaining?

15. What does Strauss think the three rules of government should be?

16. What does Machiavelli suggest in The Prince?

17. Be able summarize in three lines the essential elements of EACH of the ten political systems. Although Sharp is essentially a 'process', do not be afraid to predict a likely result..

18. Outline Hegel's dialectic. What is the Self-consciousness of Absolute Spirit? What is zeitgeist? (Talk to students who do not have IB exam for notes)

19. What is Marx's view of history? Relate Marx's views to Hegel's.What are the basics of communism? What is alienation?

20. What is natural law for Aristotle? Relate this to Locke's liberalism.