Politics Assignment

Politics is the application of ethics to a society. Deciding how to run a country is no simple task and people have been fighting about politics and power throughout history. Your task is to investigate how a society ought to be run by debating the choices.


1. Elitism/ Philosopher King - Plato
2. Natural Law Democracy - Aristotle
3. Communism (in its ideal, not like China, former USSR) - Marx
4. Strauss
5. Dictatorship - Machiavelli
6. Liberal Democracy - Locke/ Dworkin/Rawls
7. Libertarianism
8. Socialism
9. Religious State - Where the law of the land is based on a religious text: Islamic State

These are only guideline resources.For some systems, it may be necessary to re-interpret some of the ideas to a context that can work for country in the 21st century.

Here is how one goes about overthrowing a government: Sharp

Your group's job is two fold.

1. Choose a political system and teach the basics of it to the rest of the class (Five minutes). Have a one page handout for copying purposes.
2. Explain why your system should be the one to be set up in the country of your choice. (Not North America or Europe) You must defend your political system, even if you personally favour another system. Outline your plan for your country and briefly discuss how your system would enrich the countrysocially, politically and economically.(five to ten minutes)


This presentation will be evaluated on a 4 point scale as follows:

Knowledge and Understanding - Did you explain your political system clearly and with good examples?
Thinking and Inquiry - How well did your make your system work within the current situation in the given country?
Communication - Originality and effectiveness of presentation
Application - Outline any criticisms you see for your area of political knowledge as it applies to your country.( These could be theoretical or practical)