IB Evaluations


Your presentation will be during the summative period.

It must focus on the Knowledge Question(s) you feel best analyze a contemporary real-life situation. Here's how to do the ToK Presentation

The knowledge questions info.pptx covered in class

IB's marking rubric: Presentation Evaluation Instrument

IB requires you to fill in the TK/PPD Form.

Send the TKPPD.pdf to me BEFORE your presentation.

Here it is in Adobe Acrobat Reader: TK/PPD.pdf (right click, save as)



Your essay will be due in IB year 2. Here is a link to the 2017 Titles

Download the Essay Package and prepare for the meeting.

We will meet in the Fall of IB year 2 to work on the essay.

The Essay Evaluation Instrument is how you will be evaluated.

Here is the Essay cover sheet. Please fill it in email me by the end of February

ToK Essay Cover (pdf)